Made White as Snow

You know the statement you will hear people say, “it’s only a pet?” I have a hard time with that statement.  God made our beloved pets for a reason and some come with a story as they touch your heart!

Few weeks ago we lost Rosie, a beloved sweet furry pet of ours, completely unexpected.

To say she was my buddy is an understatement. She was under my feet everywhere I went and she knew when I needed someone. She kept my husband’s side of the bed warm while he was deployed, she would lay on us when we were sick, and she was the first to greet us when coming in from a long day at work/school. Plain and simple; I loved her and after she passed I realize just quite how much.

rosie 1 dina

After her passing I stood in the kitchen one night and broke down. And as my husband stood there holding me with big crocodile tears coming down my face I whispered to him I can’t go through this pain again, it’s so hard and I said “after Lady goes no more dogs”. Lady is our 13-year-old dog whom also is so very loved. She’s at that age where she lies on her bed all day, her hips and arthritis hurt her a lot and keep her from playing and long walks. And it kills me to see her like that as well, I miss my spunky dog who could jump so high in the air and get her frisbee out of the tree branches way up high. She is the best and also our very first baby. But she still knows to give the best hugs and a cuddle bug!

During my time thinking on Rosie and her passing I couldn’t believe how God had His hand in it all. Pat and I along with the kiddos were off  from work/school on the day she passed. We are never off! And for us to be altogether was a huge blessing! God made it so when we woke up that morning and saw something was wrong we could rush her to  the vet and also speak comfort over her and tell her we love her so so much. Had it been any other day she would have passed away all alone. So though it was unexpected, God was truly in it. Through the sadness, I loved that He gave us the opportunity to be there for her.

2 Corinthians 1:3
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.”

As days have passed we have been so busy as we prepare for a life change on our family on top of work/school. We weren’t out looking for anymore pets. If you remember I said no more animals, and that was that. And also with us moving it wouldn’t be good at this time. Just so much going on.

Until……I was on facebook one evening and saw this picture of a dog  whose eyes looked sad just like mine. I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. He was matted up really bad in his fur and really dirty looking. Yet he intrigued me. I told myself no. Few days passed and he showed up again. Something about him touched my heart. It’s funny cause I can’t explain my feelings towards him. It wasn’t a “awwww look at the sweet dog I really want him.” I actually cannot explain how I felt.  I still was so fresh from losing Rosie I thought there is no way I can replace her, I just can’t. Over the days the dog would come to my mind at the oddest times of day. I told Pat this and said I need to see him I need to know about him. I didn’t actually have that feeling of I know this is our dog. I just wanted to know about him and why God put him on my heart. We walk in this back room that was really hot and honestly stinky and there he was in the first cage. He stood up holding onto the cage and there were those eyes right in front of me the same eyes I saw on my computer screen. The gentlemen asked if he wanted him out of the cage. I said yes mostly because I wanted to give him a break from being in a kennel. As he came out he became so excited and we played with him for a bit and let him run around and stretch his legs Then he came walking over to me and jumped on me and looked right up at me and so I got down on his level and cried….and cried. He was a mess like me lol. The gentleman helping us stood quietly as I had my moment of crying. As I gained my composure back I asked him what he could tell me about him. He was over a yr old and one time must have had a family(according to the looks of the paperwork) and was turned into the pound as a puppy.  A few weeks ago he was adopted and the guy brought him back after 5 hours because he scared him. Why you ask? Because the dog wanted to be with him everywhere and he couldn’t take it! Only 5 hours and once again returned. After he told us this I looked at him and loved on him, didn’t bother me how greasy, matted, dirty he was I just leaned in and hugged him, he needed it…..and so did I.

dog 2 dina

We put him back in his kennel which we had a hard time getting him back in there he did not want to go in, I didn’t blame him. I said lets give it a few days if he’s here I’ll actually seriously consider it. I wanted to make sure my emotions weren’t taking over and give it some serious thought. We got out to the front and we walked off and I knew God was in it I could feel Him. I looked at Pat and said, “I can’t, I feel we are to help him.” We talked for 20 mins and Pat knew too. And my teared up face probably didn’t help either lol.

We turned around and said he is ours there is no doubt and the guy who helped us said I’ve never been so happy.  He said he is the best dog, and we knew it too with just the little time we were with him. We needed him as much as he needed us.

After we got him groomed and he looked night/day different this verse immediately came to mind….Psalm 51:7 Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

Our new furry friend reminded me how Jesus loves us. As our new furry pet came into our home and was cleaned up and the dirt and mess that was on him washed away it’s like us, as we go to the arms of Jesus.  We are made new. The mess we’ve been carrying, the dirt from our past is all gone and we are made white as snow.

You may feel like this little guy we came upon. Like you’ve been forgotten, unloved, dirty, and stuck in this world and not going anywhere.

You may feel like you’ve messed up so bad He forgot about you and won’t take you back. Don’t ever buy into the thoughts satan has given you. Jesus wants to take it all away He wants to show you how much you ARE loved and so worthy of Him. Your sins can be forgiven and you will be washed and made white as snow.

Heavenly Father,
I lift up anyone reading this prayer at this moment. Those whose hearts are broken, lives feel crushed by so much hurt and resentment, unloved by everyone, sins that feel so dirty it gets all matted up and stuck on us as satan tells us we’ve messed up so much God would never take us back because of our sins. I pray all chains are broken, I pray sins are washed away and we are white as snow through you. Let them know they are loved and you are always there and would never turn them away.
Thank you so much Lord for loving us and looking out for us. And thank you for showing yourself to us…..even through our furry four-legged friends. You are so good!

Introducing our sweet boy, Kiko Kiser. (I call him Mr. Kiko- gotta have southern manners)

kiko 3 dina

Dina Kiser

Dina loves her family with all her heart.  So much so that she documents every waking moment through taking pictures.  Along with this picture taking is a pumpkin spice latte addiction that fuels her clicking finger.  She is the mother of two beautiful children and the helpmate to her husband, Pat, who serves in the United States Army.  Dina and her family currently make their home in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but she grew up in the big sky of Billings, Montana.  Dina loves Jesus with everything she has and knows there is nothing He can not do. Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (NIV)

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