I Just Need to Trust

Key Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (NIV)

I realize this isn’t just happening to me. God is speaking into the hearts of women all over the globe, I’m just this instrument.

I started reading a new book.  Well, it’s been around a few years, but it’s new to me and I just have to take it a little at a time or my heart may just burst into spewing lava of tears.  This writer, she’s pretty amazing, and you may know who she is.  Her name is Jen Hatmaker.  The book is Interrupted.  I encourage you to join with me in reading it.  Life change.

In the course of my barely started reading I have come to the understanding that God is, at this point and time, simply wanting me to trust Him.  Not just trust as in with the little details, health, happiness stuff, but WOW trust. More trust than I fear is in me.  More trust than I’ve ever given before.  More trust than I put in my husband kind of trust and more than I share with my closest of close friend kind of trust. Yes, that very huge amount of trust.

Yep, I said trust that many times in one paragraph.  Do you get what I am saying here?  I have gotten into a place of contentment.  Content with just the little things being fine and content with the poor living around me, children going hungry, people’s heart’s broken, and living a life of just being fine.  To live a life of more requires GREAT trust.  A trust that, I’m afraid, most of us do not understand.

In Exodus 14 (you really should read this awesome chapter) we can see what it took for the Israelites to put their trust in the Lord.  This is the big trust I am talking about.  Everything about their life, from the hair on their head to what they eat to where they travel to; it all had be trusted to God.  The Israelite slaves had been set free by Pharaoh and when they had been gone a few days Pharaoh decided he had made a mistake letting them go.  God spoke to Moses and told him what they were to do because God had a plan for Pharaoh.  The Israelites did not understand what God was doing through Moses and so they complained, but by the time they all crossed the sea that God divided in half and they turned to watch as God annihilated Pharaoh and his army in the great waters, they then put their TRUST in Him and in Moses, His servant.

I don’t think that I need such a demonstration to put my trust in GodHe has already proven Himself over and over in so many ways through history and in my life that there is no need for me not trust, but yet I still lack somehow.  Today as I sit and type this article, I find my life and the lives of my family in a crossroads.  We felt a release from the church that we called home and have been in search of a place to worship for many weeks now, but have yet to find what feels right for us.  Our trust is needed here.  We know that God has a road that He wants to lead us down, but we have no idea where or how.  Our trust is needed here.  I know that I am supposed to reach the hearts of women and this ministry is just the start. MY trust is needed here.  So, I have no great answers for you on how you are to trust, but I know that God does not want us to be ok with the content of the little things and all that goes on around us.  He wants us to live as He would have lived.  Is there something that you have felt you are being called to help with or do?  It just takes one step, one call, one prayer, one written word.

Lord, I come to You, a woman who has let life become fine and I am not okay with that.  I want to be used by You to fulfill the calling You have laid on my heart and life.  I can only do that if I completely TRUST in You with absolutely everything within me.  I give it to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Tara DeMaris

Tara, graduate of Crown College, is the mother to four beautiful children.  Together, Tara and her husband, David, and their family make their home in Northwest Missouri.  Tara is passionate about reaching the hearts of women and young ladies.  She loves to write and teach God's Word.  God put a desire in Tara's heart over six years ago to start a ministry that reached women.  Today Tara has founded Titus II Woman Ministries and God is showing her miracles and his hand at work every day.

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