Beat It!

We are at day two of Release It!  Again, I encourage you to listen to Matthew West and pray while you breathe in what God is going to explore with you today.

Abigail, a very wise woman, knew all too well the power of unforgiveness.  See, she was married to a not-so-nice man.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t so nice so much so that he was actually a horrible, ungrateful, hateful man; a fool.  Her husband’s name, Nabal, literally means fool (I am so sorry if this is your husband’s name).  You do not want to name your children after this man.

There was this army of men, approximately two hundred, marching her way.  They were David’s men (yep, that David, the one who had slain a giant.)  Nabal was the cause of these two hundred very angry men coming their way with the threat of revenge against his and Abigail’s entire household.  Their household was large! Like, the kind of large that put even the Duggars to shame in numbers.  It was not just her children, husband and self in that home.  There were servants, workers, slaves.  Abigail needed to think fast and this was not the first time she had to do so being married to Nabal, the fool.

Abigail, thinking swiftly to save her family and husband, ran to David and literally threw herself at his feet (face in dirt, ladies).  She begged for him to reconsider and save the lives of her household.  Face down in the dirt she laid begging for forgiveness on her husband’s behalf.  Can you just picture her?  She asked that the blame be on her, “Please forgive your servant’s offense, for the Lord will certainly make a lasting dynasty for my master, because he fights the Lords battles.  Let no wrongdoing be found in you as long as you live” (1 Samuel 25:28).  In her quick thinking, (this woman is truly remarkable) she had food prepared not only for David, but for his entire army of men.  She knew that David loved the Lord and fought for Him.  She had profound wisdom.  David soon realized that it was the Lord using Abigail, a very beautiful woman (I am sure that God used that to get David’s attention – guys!), to stop him from committing a grave action that he would have regretted making.  Abigail had no choice but to be able to think quickly and act decisively.  She was capable and intelligent and earned David’s admiration that very day.

Are we like Abigail?  Do we think quickly to “beat the heat” of a situation that could take us out of the good graces of the Lord or do we sit back and dwell in our misfortune?  We need to be Abigail!  We need to be intelligent with our life.  Being intelligent as a child of God who embraces forgiveness.  Because of Abigail the scales fell from David’s eyes and he forgave her husband’s foolishness.  There are times when someone may have been foolish towards us and it results in hurt feelings or pride, but it is the Abigail in us that will rise up to forgive.  The heat can be gone as soon as it comes if we are willing to see it first and act upon it wisely as Abigail did.

Who is ready to be an Abigail? (I am so ready to hear God’s voice and release it!

Further Reading in the Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 7:14, Psalm 25:11, Psalm 130:4-5, Luke 17:4, 2 Corinthians 2:7 

Tara DeMaris

Join us tomorrow for our next segment of the Release It week; Drop It!

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