From Child to Mother

GandM young

As a young wife, looking forward to a life with the “love of my life”, I had little thought as to what that would involve.  Children, yes, we wanted children and soon.  Our love could not be contained between just the two of us. We wanted to share that love with a family.

We married on August 12, 1978 and on August 6, 1979 we welcomed Michael Leon Christian III into our lives. I thought my heart was full all the way up. But then just 21 months later we welcomed a beautiful daughter to our lives. On May 28, 1981 we welcomed Tara Nicole Christian into our lives. I believed my joy was complete at this point. God had other plans and ideas for me for just one year and nine days later on June 6, 1982 we welcomed our youngest son, Anthony Blaine Christian into our lives.

But this article isn’t about me. I want to share about this beautiful young woman. From the child she was to the woman she has become.


Tara is a joy to my heart. I have always been proud of her and her accomplishments.  As a teenager she challenged me as any daughter will do, but she would allow me to speak openly and freely to her when those times would happen. Tara had dreams of singing one day and she worked hard at the God given talent she has.

I stood on God’s word when it tells us: “Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.  I would quote this verse in my prayers for Tara as she grew up. I bathed all my children in prayer continually. I attempted to live my life as a godly example to them and loved them with all my heart.  I had no real problems with Tara as she grew into being a woman, sure she made mistakes along the way, but I trusted in God to see her through.

On one occasion, God spoke to my heart while we were moving our oldest son into Bible School housing. Of course, his room had to be on the top floor of the dorm, with NO elevators. After making my third trip up the stairs and back down again, I reached down to grab my ankles and breathe deep, when a young man burst through the doors. He had slightly long hair, a nice looking young man, he stopped short, looked at me and said, “Are you the mother of the girl that sings?” I said, “Yes, if you mean Tara. We are moving her brother, Mike, into the dorm.” He said, “That’s her”. He then headed up the stairs. The Holy Spirit stopped me right then and there and said, “Start praying for that young man, he is going to be your son-in-law.” I honestly can say, it was not something I really wanted to hear at that moment in my life. My daughter was not out of high school and I was not ready to even think of marriage for her, but I did as God had asked me to and I started praying for David DeMaris from that time on.

God, heard me, Tara and David have been married for almost FIFTEEN years. She has become a mother to four beautiful babies that this Nana is so very proud of.  Greater still is the love that Tara has for her Lord and Savior.  This touches my heart like no other thing can do.

Tara told me once as a teenager, that she never wanted to be like me.  But, my sweet daughter, I take great joy in knowing that you are following in my footsteps in so many ways. But the most important way of all; you love My Jesus, Your Jesus!

When Tara was very young.  I went to a Women’s Retreat in Lexington, Nebraska. We were called up for prayer. After praying, I turned to leave the altar area, when a women on the stage reached out and touched my arm. She said, “Look up at me”. I did so, then she asked, “Do you have a daughter named Tara?” I responded “Yes I do!” she said, “Pray hard for her, for God has great plans for her.” I asked, “Do you know my daughter?” No, was the reply.  Then, “God just spoke to me to share that with you.” So for many years I have held this little truth in my heart.  I now share this with Tara and who ever she wants to share this story with.

My advice to all mothers, but especially new mothers, as you hold that precious bundle in your arms and gently love and kiss that beautiful face; NEVER stop whispering that prayer. Also, pray the promises of God over that child and you will be have someone as amazing as this:


I pray God’s blessings on all mothers new and old!

Love and prayers

Glennette Christian

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